About Us

PhotoBaby was founded upon a vision to enhance the imagery received from an ultrasound exam and improve upon the ways it can be shared. To meet this demand, PhotoBaby has developed and launched a HIPPA compliant web based service and a state of the art website integrating the most successful elements of social networking and wizard-driven video editing. PhotoBaby.TV enables users to view and edit their ultrasound video and images online, create personal profiles, create video/image galleries, and easily share and publish their imagery from their PC or mobile devices.

As critical as mother-infant bonding surely is to the health and well being of the mother and child, early connection is also needed for the health and well being of the entire family unit. Until recently, fathers, partners and siblings were limited in early bonding experiences—only able to “bond” through information shared by the expectant mother or through a still, and often grainy image captured during an ultrasound procedure. But now with wider access to improved ultrasound technology enabling the collecting and sharing high quality in utero images and video of the infant, the entire family has an opportunity to connect earlier than ever before.   

As the available imaging technologies and quality of the images and video captured during ultrasound procedures has improved, so has the demand for improved ways to enhance, view and share.  With this in mind, PhotoBaby’s first-of-it’s-kind web-based service allows parents to automatically receive a pre-customized video presentation, as well as self-customize, view and share baby’s earliest images and video by email on PCs and popular mobile devices.

For expectant parents and families, PhotoBaby means prenatal bonding for the entire family and the ability to easily share baby's first live images in a beautiful auto-formatted presentation, as well as, self-customized presentations. PhotoBaby enables the satisfaction of sharing a formatted presentation of the fetal imaging done in the doctor's office. This ensures that ultrasounds are performed in a safe medical environment with a licensed professional and there is no reason for an expectant mother to seek additional ultrasound imaging for a “keepsake” presentation or ease of sharing.