PhotoBaby was founded upon a vision to enhance the imagery received from an ultrasound exam and improve upon the ways it can be shared. To meet this demand, PhotoBaby has developed and launched a HIPPA compliant web based service and a state of the art website integrating the most successful elements of social networking and wizard-driven video editing.  PhotoBaby.TV enables users to view and edit their ultrasound video and images online, create personal profiles, create video/image galleries, and easily share and publish their imagery from their PC or mobile devices.

What should I expect when I come home from my ultrasound examination?

You will get an email in your inbox with your PhotoBaby.TV account information. Once you login you will see an edited video of your ultrasound examination and all of the raw video and still images from your exam in your gallery.

Can I edit together my own video?

Yes! We have a super easy to use wizard-driven editor that will take you step by step through creating a professional looking video or slide show from your raw ultrasound video and still images.

Can I incorporate media (video, images or music) from my desktop?

Yes! You can upload media from your desktop and use that in a keepsake video. You can use PhotoBaby as a video creation and sharing platform with the video from the birth of your child and taking their first steps!

Is it possible to just share my video with close personal family and friends?

PhotoBaby.TV allows you to securely share your video with only the people you designate from our application.  Invite only those you desire to share this experience with and your intimite moment with be privately shared with those close to you. 

If I wanted to share my video with friends on Facebook or Twitter is this possible?

You can publish to your wall in Facebook, Twitter feed or many other social networking sites with a few clicks.  Publish this wonder imagery to your blog or embed in your own website! 

Can I share my PhotoBaby presentations on my mobile device by SMS/Text?

Yes! Absolutely, PhotoBaby is functional on most popular mobile devices and tablets and presentation links can be sent via SMS/Text as well as email.

Do I have to edit PhotoBaby videos in the Doctor’s office?

No! PhotoBaby is a web-based service that is accessed through our state of the art website PhotoBaby.TV and all the viewing, editing, and sharing can be done from the comfort of your own home using your PC, or even while mobile using your mobile device.

The ultrasound practice my Doctor referred me to doesn’t presently offer the PhotoBaby service.  Is there a way I can still use PhotoBaby?

Yes! Absolutely, PhotoBaby accepts raw data loaded directly off of your PC so be sure to ask for a DVD of the imaging data.  And because it is so easy and quick to implement the PhotoBaby service into an existing ultrasound practice, you may simply want to send us an email with the name of the practice that doesn’t, but should have PhotoBaby, and we’ll follow up.  And of course, be sure to ask the doctor to consider offering PhotoBaby because most practitioners simply don’t know it now exists and it’s not impossible they could have it by your next appointment!

Can I download the video or still images to my desktop?

Yes, you can download the raw video or images. You can also download any video you edit to your desktop.

I have a DVD from a previous ultrasound exam.  Can I upload that to my account?

We have specific converters that will allow you to upload from your ultrasound DVD.  You can't upload to YouTube or Facebook from a ultrasound DVD, but you can with PhotoBaby.TV!