PhotoBaby.TV is a unique online community focused on a expectant mothers that want to share the experience of their pregnancy.  Of the 4,112,000 million live births each year in the United States close to 100% of the women receive at least one ultrasound.  With the advent of 3D & 4D ultrasounds the keepsake potential for this technology was truly realized.  Currently there is no way to easily share the video from an ultrasound exam with family and friends.  PhotoBaby’s unique turn-key solution enables doctors to provide personalized ultrasound keepsakes to families that are sharable from our online community.   Furthermore PhotoBaby also allows moms that have a DVD from their ultrasound exam to create a customized video sharable online.  PhotoBaby.TV intends to become the gathering place for expectant mothers to share the memorable experience of their pregnancy. 

PhotoBaby.TV is owned and operated by PhotoBaby, Inc.  PhotoBaby was founded in 2006 with a vision to enhance and share the imagery received from an ultrasound exam.    To meet this demand, PhotoBaby has developed and launched its website integrating the most successful elements of social networking and video editing.  PhotoBaby.TV enables users to view and edit their ultrasound video and images, create personal profiles, create video/image galleries, and share and publish their imagery.  

PhotoBaby also addresses specific issues unique to fetal ultrasound video.  Ultrasound video comes with medical data around framed around the images of the baby.  This is stripped away during the upload process emphasizing the image of the baby and removing confidential medical data.  PhotoBaby also allows uploading from a DVD created from an ultrasound machine.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitter do not allow uploading from a DVD, but PhotoBaby.TV has converters that make this possible.

An ultrasound is a major investment for an OBGYN.  PhotoBaby allows a medical practice to make the most of this expensive equipment.  Our business model allows physicians to markup the price of a PhotoBaby account and they can make money with every upload.  PhotoBaby also has a pc product that allows the practice to produce keepsake quality DVDs in their practice and the finished product is automatically uploaded to our website.  Most importantly physicians can provide a service that will bring more traffic into their practice.  

The PhotoBaby.TV website even goes beyond social networking to allow families expecting a baby to share this most precious experience with family and friends. The market response has been tremendous and gratifying.

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