Upload Files

Press "upload" to select and upload your files

About Uploading

Select all of your files at one time from your hard drive or a DVD.  On Windows hold down the shift key to select multiple files or on a Mac select multiple file by holding down the Apple key.

If uploading video from a DVD, select the files ending in .VOB from the video_ts folder on the DVD

Estimated transfer times for a 10 meg file

DSL/Cable - 25 minute

T1 - 6.5 minutes

For certain ultrasound DVDs that contain a large amount of video (over a couple hundred megs of data) the upload time may be long depending on your internet connection.  If you have a slow connection or a large amount of data, we can upload your data for you.  We will send you an envelope for you to send us a copy of your ultrasound DVD and we will upload the video for you. We will then send the DVD back to you.  All for $9.95!  If you would like to take advantage of this service, please place the order by calling our support line at (415) 367-3945.