Memories Start Here...Share

The advent of 3D and 4D ultrasound technology has allowed for the creation of high quality video of the prenatal fetus worthy of presenting and sharing. PhotoBaby.TV is an exciting new technology that enables you to share your 3D/4D ultrasound experience with friends and family all across the globe!

If you're a new mom and are having your 3D / 4D ultrasound performed at one of our participating clinics, then you'll be able to invite people to watch your ultrasound from any computer in the world with a high-speed Internet connection.  Your ultrasound data will be loaded to our site and available as an auto-formatted presentation, and as the raw data that you can easily edit and share with friends and family .  You are also able to publish that video to Facebook, Twitter and many more social networking sites with the click of a mouse.  It truly is an amazing way for everyone in your family to bond with your precious new matter where they are in the world! Across town, across the country, or across the globe, PhotoBaby can make it happen!

Have Your Sonographer Upload Your Video

Request PhotoBaby when scheduling your next ultrasound examination. Your Sonographer will perform the exam as usual. They will create an account on PhotoBaby.TV for you and securely upload your video and still images.  You will get an email with your account information that will enable you to login to your account on PhotoBaby.TV.  Once logged in, you will see your gallery of video and still images uploaded by your sonographer, and a beautiful auto-customized presentation you can begin sharing immediately.

Upload Your Own Ultrasound Video

If you have a DVD with your ultrasound video and you would like to share that with friends and family, we can help!  The major video hosting sites Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook don't allow video to be uploaded from DVDs.  PhotoBaby has specific converters that will allow your video to be uploaded right from your DVD.  You will then be able to easily edit your imagery into a beautifully formatted video or slideshow using our simple-to-use wizard driven interface.  You will also be able to share your video from PhotoBaby.TV or publish the video to Facebook, Twitter many other sites with the click of a mouse.

* Create an online scrap book of the entire pregnancy experience, and easily share it!

* Memories start here, before birth! Create an online scrapbook that starts from the ultrasound video and that you can give to your child on their 18th birthday.

* Priced at only $25 per year to become a PhotoBaby.TV subscriber the benefits are one of the best values in parenthood!