The Perfect Companion to Your 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

When purchasing an ultrasound machine what better way to get the most out of your investment then by providing a service your patients want.  PhotoBaby allows you to transfer your patient’s video and stills to our secure site so that the moms can edit this imagery into a personalized presentation they will want to share with family and friends.  PhotoBaby is the only web application on the market designed to integrate with 3D/4D ultrasounds.  

Allow your patients to share this experience with family and friends in other states and countries.  Why provide a DVD of the exam when you can give moms a way to have a truly memorable experience that can be viewed and shared much easier than copying and mailing DVDs.  Moms can publish to sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter or share directly from our secure site.  Family members can make comments and even leave a video message about this wonderful experience.

Providing the service is simple and the application can easily integrate with a Sonographer’s examination process without interrupting the work flow or adding to the length of the examination.  After the exam has been performed the video is uploaded via a web browser or sent to us via DICOM.  The patient receives an email with their account information and they are on their way!  The auto-formatted presentation includes your practice’s branding imagery so that your practice is tastefully represented with every shared experience.

Set your practice apart with PhotoBaby. Photobaby does it all for you!

Application Features

  • Upload video via browser or send via DICOM

  • Edit ultrasound video and stills

  • Add music and video from desktop

  • Share from our secure site

  • Publish to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and 28 other social networking sites

  • Automatically strips medical data

  • Apply effects to video

  • Order DVD and prints

  • HIPPA Compliant